Point of return

So this is what a comeback looks like. Clear lines. Round shapes. Impeccable tailoring. A colour palette restricted to navy, burgundy and beige, completed by the classics, black and white and punctuated by a vibrant red.
Jil Sander returned to the label she founded in 1973 and delivered what she was always known for: purism. The collection included white shirts, A-line skirts and coats with a loose fit. But it was this all so plain dress with three-quarter-length sleeves that caught my attention. Although it has to be said that for me, the look hasn’t really the light appeal that belongs to the spring season. The colour and the fabric of this dress let me not think about those first balmy evenings, and so do not the shoes. Especially the shoes. One can easily picture a cloudy sky and the first raindrops hitting the pavement. Some buyers voiced their worries about exactly this fact, but in the end it didn’t really matter. One had seen that Jil Sander was still able to satisfy the hunger for everything minimalistic and one was waiting for more.

Image: Jil Sander spring 2013

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  1. natalie says: 24. Oktober 201222:04

    This was a beautiful look from the show. Very much looking forward to AW13!

    I hope you don’t mind, I’ve added you to the list of blogs I read on my homepage. Love your writing.


    • goldene says: 24. Oktober 201222:19

      Thank you for the lovely comment, Natalie. I’m really happy to hear that you enjoy visiting my blog!
      Just like you, I’m very curious to see what is going to happen next season…

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