Before sitting down to write my next post, my mind already tiptoed around different topics. There a few things that were on my mind, but somehow nothing really seemed to fit the moment. For instance, there is a book which I’m currently reading and which I’m sure is worth talking about. Yet I still have a few pages ahead of me and with that some more stories and thoughts that I would like to discover before speaking to you about it.
As my mind circled around several ideas, picking them up rather carefully, inspecting them rather suspiciously and dropping them rather harshly, I thought that maybe I should start with an image. And even before opening my folder, this image popped up in my mind. It crossed my way here and somehow it was stuck in my mind. And let me tell you, that is one good sign for a picture. One could try and explain this away with the electrifying shade of blue of the blue against this all white outfit. Yet that would be a far to easy road to take, because there is a tremendous amount of neon induced editorials out there and often they are nothing short of annoying. This one here on the other hand is pleasant on the eye and awakens a certain need for colour in your wardrobe. Maybe even for a blue coat.

Image: Claudia Knoepfel & Stefan Indlekofer

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