A little

Today was a black and white picture kind of day, since my choice fell instantly on the picture above. It actually reminds me a little bit of the past Margarett Howell’s campaigns which have created a unique visual language with their simple and demure shots. As a matter of fact the clothing is very similar as well, since the signature style of the brand can be described as tomboyish and minimal. Its embodiment: a white collar peeking out of a grey sweater. What struck me in this picture, though, were not all those similarities. These thoughts surfaced a little bit later, when I was just about to start writing. What caught my attention were the tips of the white collar. Something as simple as that.

Image: Rokas Darulis

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  1. Audrey says: 28. Oktober 201210:04

    Beautiful, just beautiful. Love the serenity, the quiet elegance in this shot. Definitely the tips, something so little can make such a different and unique.

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