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Fashion week is over and what stays is lots and lots of eye candy. Like this shot, for example. There is a lot going on in this look, but I like pretty much everything about it: the colours, the textures, the shapes. One cannot help but being caught off guard of the the juxtaposition of the voluminous bottom of the top, all glossy and wine coloured, and the colourful sweater with its three quarter sleeves. One also cannot help but notice that the nail polish is the exact same colour as the the top. Somehow those kind of details help the look come together and  make it appear much less random.

Image: Soren Jepsen

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  1. Audrey says: 15. Oktober 201219:01

    Oh yes, the details! sometimes it’s all about it. Whether it’s In fashion, interior design.
    It’s so well thought about how she create this look. And the bag ad a bit of „lightness“ in this look.
    Just lovely!

    Hope you having a good start of the week!

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