Captured (Part I)

Do you happen to know this feeling that somehow, miraculously, time is stolen away from you? Sometimes it is hard to pinpoint the reason. Sometimes it’s not. Sometimes Instagram happens.
There are many, many options to spend time on your phone. Sure, you can make a call, text friends or even have a little chat and check your emails from time to time (or any other second). But more often than not, we are occupied with something other altogether. That something other could be Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Chose your weapon or in that case, your stream. Lately, I pick the latter.

A lot has been said about Instagram, experts and not-so-much experts tuning in and out of a conversation which seems to be endless and many times rather fruitless. In print, online and offline. I don’t know about you, but I just can’t take another one personal opinion on Instagram’s actual worth. But, time and again, someone says something sensible and catches one’s attention. For me, that mostly happens when people are talking about their way and why of using it. I enjoy this part just as much I enjoy reading about a blogger’s relationship to his blog or a writer’s way of dealing with the process of writing. I do think that it is all about our way to approach things, because that part is so crucial to the outcome, whatever the outcome might be.

Images: @definitelygolden

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