Good on paper (Part 2)

So, we spoke about trends in terms of design and more specifically websites and blogs, one of them being handwriting. It clearly has stepped into the spotlight of the design scene and managed to reach pretty every area by now. From packaging to magazines, there is more and more use of this particular element and it seems that the trend will go on (yes, I actually wrote down those words…). So, I had this little observation in mind and at the same time I mused about my personal relationship to pen and paper. That made me think that the internet is one curious thing (yes, I just said that as well. That sounds oh so profound of me. A blogger gets philosophical and all. Ladies and gentlemen, this is one weird day). I would like to elaborate on that.
As you saw in my yesterday’s favourite list, I always carry a pen and a notebook with me. Sure, there is by now an app for every task ahead of me and I do make use of quite a few of them. They are very practical, by the way. Nothing gets lost (where did I write the number down?), nothing is forgotten (goodbye little post-its) and nothing has to be written four or five times from top to bottom (to accomplish a story without editing is a fairy tale). Everything is taken care of and in theory, I hardly need those classic tools. If you will, they almost seem like prehistoric relics in this digital age. I guess, this is something which is not even that far away from the truth. Even if we still make use of them, the frequency changed for sure. I guess, some people use a pen uniquely for the purpose of signing their names by now. With this evolution in mind, isn’t it astonishing that handwriting has become a trend in the design area. It almost seems like it made its way from paper to screen, being banished from one medium, it conquered another one.

Image: The blue hour

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