This week’s wanted

A few lovely things which are very much worth to figure on my list. A grey sweater that has the potential to be the perfect one (I like both the neckline and the dropped back hem). A slightly heavier scent which is not only „wanted“, but very much beloved. A pair of handcrafted men’s shoes which is by the way just one among many others I would consider buying as a present (I do not dare to speak of Christmas yet, at least not officialy). The 14th issue of the Acne Paper which will be the perfect read this week. And a black umbrella which reminded me that some classics are never getting old.

(1) Rag & Bone: Lund Pullover (2) Balenciaga Paris Eau de Parfum (3) N°532 (4) Acne Paper: 14th Issue (5) Swaine Adeney Brigg: Collapsible Travel Umbrella

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  1. Alexandra says: 13. November 201210:42

    Great selection. Love that Rag & Bone sweater.

  2. Audrey says: 13. November 201219:54

    I also like this selection! love the men shoes too. I was thinking to buy a pair in black for myself, ha!.
    I hope you also have a pleasant week so far Marzena!

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