This week’s wanted

It’s time for this week’s wanted list and so I created a tiny collection of things which I find quite irresistible. (1) Since it is high time to think more and more about layering, the idea of a sleeveless coat is quite appealing. I think that the clean cut is perfect for all kind of combinations. (6) My earring’s collection must be the smallest part of my jewellery box. These seem not really like the type you would wear on a daily basis, but they surely would be perfect for the evening. (5) It is incredibly easy to imagine this bag as a daily companion. I came across this beauty when visiting Wit & Delight and was immediately won over. (4) Speaking about leather goods: if you are in search of a classic and elegant wallet, I highly recommend Il Bussetto. The quality is divine and you will not faint once you see the price tag. (2) Although you can do pretty much everything with your smartphone, I find it important to have a pen with me. This one is a lightweight, writes beautifully and looks sharp. A keeper! (3) And since I need some paper to write my notes down, those ideas books make a lot of sense and look lovely on top.

(1) Boutique: Notch Collar Sleeveless Coat (2) Muji: Wooden Ballpoint Pen (3) Poketo: Ideas Book (4) Il Bussetto: Bi fold wallet (5) Lotuff: Leather Tote (6) Monica Vinader: Nugget Zodiac Earrings

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  2. Audrey says: 23. November 201220:45

    ah mostly wanted that leather bag, so good as a daily companion. There so much stuff i carrie with me to work.
    Loving those earrings too! so why not to wear it on a ordinary daily day! to ad some luxe to a casual outfit, yes!
    i already imagine how this would looks like Marzena! Great wants!

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