I must say I do love everything about this picture. Not only the colours are utterly amazing, the composition is flawless. It is not that improbable that one ends up looking at it for quite a while. And a little while longer.

Image: Julio López Saguar

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  1. Jenny | Aubrey Road says: 21. November 201201:37


  2. Birgitte says: 7. Januar 201300:00

    wow, my heart skipped a beat when I saw this photo, ’cause it resembles so much some pictures i took a couple of years ago in Barcelona. (This one’s better though :-))
    See for yourself:

    • Marzena says: 7. Januar 201311:39

      Thank you for your comment, Birgitte. You are totally right about your shot: I’m stunned how similar they are!

  3. The calm before… | Definitely Golden says: 14. März 201300:33

    […] López Saguar is not a new name on this blog (the post can be found here). Nevertheless it deserves yet another mentioning and the reason for that can be found […]

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