Back to the roots

Taaaada! Unbelievable, but true. I’m going to do what I promised at the beginning of this week* and talk about the second object: the watch.
In a time where practically every single device comes with a clock, a watch can almost seem superfluous. From the oven over the laptop to your heat regulator. Time is everywhere and if you want to or not, you are constantly informed how late/ on time you are. It is almost hard to imagine that there was a time when hanging a clock on the wall had above all a purpose and a watch was a necessity. When the mobile entered the scene of everyday life and became mainstream, the watch itself became moved from being utility object to being almost solely an accessory. As you might have noticed, my exact words where „almost superfluous.“ Almost, because it is not strictly true for every single situation. Imagine being in a business meeting or on a lunch date and you absolutely have to know what time it is. Now, you can put your mobile on the table and switch it on or you can glance discretely at your wrist. It is not that hard to guess which one of the possibilities is more elegant. Personally, I’m very happy to own a watch after I don’t know how much year of abandonment. So yes, you can consider this a plead in favour of the little relic called watch.

*I’m relating to this post here and the first object here.

Image: afterDRK

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  1. Audrey says: 17. Dezember 201219:16

    You know Marzena, i don’t own a watch. I use too, (way back, ahahha) and just for one reason, during a meeting at work, i kept on looking on my watch!!! and then the question pops up: „are you in a hurry audrey“.
    So embarrassing. But now a bit older and hopefully wiser (we all learn from our „mistakes“) i consider a big one, would love to have a similar one as in this image.

    I hope you have a good start of the week!!

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