The designer of the suit: Yves Saint Laurent. The man behind the camera: Helmut Newton. The shot dates back to 1975, but it will never get old. It is hardly possible to find something more classic (and classier) than this.

Image: Helmut Newton

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  1. Audrey says: 8. Dezember 201222:39

    Oh yes, this one is definitely a great image. Just look at her pose, so in control! When i look at editorials/photo shoots now these days, this one definitely rocks.

    • goldene says: 9. Dezember 201200:40

      You are absolutely right about the pose. I think that a lot of pictures are just plain boring because they are pretty much the same. Just think about all the (Vogue) editorials: do models always have to jump? That actually makes me think about a great topic for another post.

  2. […] Some might argue that Hedi Slimane simply wanted to break the rules and therefore attract a lot of attention (which he did without question). But there are also others who insist that he has a point, that even though he isn’t faithful to Yves silhouettes, he is faithful to his attitude as a designer. Both Leandra Medine from the Man Repeller and Géraldine Dormoy from Café Mode are mentioning the 1970s and how Saint Laurent transformed fashion. By bringing the style from the street on the runway, he did nothing less than “democratise fashion”. Another example for his revolutionising spirit could be found in the creation of the first plausible alternative to evening dresses: le smoking. […]

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