Surprise! There is going to be a new series on this blog and not only because the world needs desperately a new one, but also because I just decided that it would be nice. When I started my blog, it was mostly about images and their composition. That was before tumblr entered the scene and although I’m not going to abandon that ship, I would like to introduce some of that into this little place. So you can enjoy from time to time some visual candies without me going on and on about them…deal?

Images: (1) Jan Welters (2) superbytimai  (3)  Russell Leng (4) unknown

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  1. Audrey says: 13. Dezember 201220:51

    Oh my you really know how to capture beauty in a compilation! this is beautiful Marzena. It’s a deal!

    • goldene says: 13. Dezember 201223:42

      How lovely of you to say that, Audrey :)

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