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Using adjectives such as delicate, white and lacy might instantly evoke pictures of wedding gowns. Especially when we add into equation the fact that we are speaking about dresses and even more so, when we are speaking about long gowns. The dress above probably ticks all these boxes (and I say probably, because I’m not quite sure about the colour) and yet, we are not seeing here someone prepared to walk down the aisle. There is no doubt really that the dress is sublime, but seeing it makes me wonder about the contextualisation of clothing. If you wearing this for fashion week (which was what happened), does it change our perception or are we still tempted to ask about the future husband. My point is: can culturally set meanings be taken down a notch by changing the framework or styling? Or are some combinations and some kind of fashion items heavily laden with meaning? Just think about restaurants and the classic black and white attire for waiters and waitresses. Wear both colours without paying any attention to proportions and you will maybe end up being mistakenly held up and asked to bring the menu. That does not mean that black and white are off limits when going out for dinner. You can still wear a black skirt and white shirt, but yes, it probably pays off to consider the cut, the length and the fabric.
Back to the case in question: are accessories like dark sandals and  a huge purse game changing enough?

Image: Vogue Spain

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  1. Ira says: 4. Dezember 201210:51

    I love Lena’s style! She’s fabulous:)
    You have an awesome blog! Follow each other?:)

    • goldene says: 4. Dezember 201220:59

      Thank you, Ira! I will definitely head over to your blog and check it out…

  2. Audrey says: 4. Dezember 201219:54

    Ah Elena Perminova wearing, and i love it, a beautiful Ulyana Sergeenko dress in the prettiest soft pink. And that huge bag by British accessory designer Sophie Hulme. Yes, i love this combination. As much as i like to see someone who’s ad some personality in to her/his appearances. Wether it’s a huge bag, jewellery, scarf, or what ever they like. As long all of this is in balance, not overdone. As i might say so, in this image „she definitely knows how to“ the combination with the subtle make-up, the hair is so feminine. Have to smile about how you describe the black and white outfit. And as you said, „if not paying any attention to proportions, you might be…“. A while ago Katie Holmes was photographed in a black and white outfit, quiet elegance. A white boyfriend blouse and a beautiful black pants.

    • goldene says: 5. Dezember 201200:24

      Audrey, you’re the best. Thank you for writing this comment and providing us with the information. I just looked the dress up in colour and still find it beautiful, although I’m freely admitting that the colour would have been slightly clearer in my imagination. That is the beauty of black and white pictures: there is always room for some imagination. That reminds me of the fact, that a lot of times I do my research and yet, sometimes I simply enjoy sharing the thoughts that cross my mind when seeing the picture.

  3. Audrey says: 6. Dezember 201219:42

    Oh my such a compliment coming from you Marzena! me too more often than sometimes i enjoy sharing an image without any research and that’s the fun of blogging, just sharing the things you like.
    But the way you provide your images with your words, you encourage us to think about all of this and i like to share my thoughts on your blog.

    • goldene says: 7. Dezember 201200:55

      Thank you again, my dear. Those lovely words made my day :)

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