This week’s wanted


This week’s wanted list is dedicated to the upcoming holidays and more precisely to what I would consider a perfectly suited outfit…
(3) You can never go wrong with a black and white combination and the perfect base for that is a wool-twill black pencil skirt. (1) A simple white shirt would definitely be a good choice, but I found an even better option: a white peplum top. (6) To round the whole look up, I suggest these classic black pumps which are currently available at Zara. Make-up wise I would go for a dark colour for the nails and a bold red lip. (2) Butter London offers a great palette of shades, so I would probably pick a dark grey over the usual black. (5) Chanel offers in turn great options when it comes to finding the perfect red lipstick. The shade Pirate looks just about perfect in my opinion. When it comes to accessories, choose wisely. A peplum top offers enough amount of detail, so one piece of jewellery would be probably more than enough. (4) Maybe a cutout ring by Samma? (7) And since it was one of the subjects on this blog last week, I would consider this silver clutchbag by 202Factory as my evening companion (which I discovered thanks to Sabrina by the way).

(1) Topshop: Sleeveless Zip Peplum Top (2) Butter London: Chimney-sweep nail laqueur (3) J.Crew: Wool-twill Pencil Skirt (4) Samma: Cutouts Ring (5) Chanel: Chanel Rouge Allure in the colour Pirate (6) Zara: leather pumps (7) 202Factory: Simply Silver Clutchbag

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