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Filing this post unter DIY would be pushing the envelope. Nevertheless I like the idea of storing and in the same displaying your favourite magazines by using something as simple as a hanger.

Image: Folch Studio

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  1. Jacquelyn says: 31. Januar 201305:39

    I came across this on tumblr, and I liked the idea of it too! I don’t own many magazines, but it would be such a nice piece to have them hanging, a few in a row, on display. I would love to see gorgeous Acne, The Gentlewoman or Fantastic Man covers as art pieces without having to take-apart the magazines. I saved the picture to ides for once i find a new place.

    • Marzena says: 31. Januar 201316:13

      I’m totally with you: I would never could bring myself to tear up the magazines I keep for display’s sake. So this is why I love ideas which allow to avoid this. What do you think you of narrow shelves which are inspired by those you can find in book/magazine shops?

  2. Jacquelyn says: 1. Februar 201306:36

    Oh, like the ones they display the magazines on? I like that idea, I think such shelves would be a great idea to show covers as opposed to storing them on a shelf where only the bindings would show.

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