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Valentino spring 2013
Last night it was time for the Oscars and with that time for movies, for winners, and for gowns. If we want to be completely honest, it was time for judgement. In general. It starts with the host and his ability to lead through an evening with class and with humour. It ends with the winners, their reactions, their speeches and their rivals. In the middle of the whole event is the biggest question of them all: what are you wearing? I do think that this particular question must haunt most of the actresses for weeks if not months. Once they set foot on the red carpet, there is no going back. Like a fortune teller it is going to be merciless and tell the truth, just like that, no sugar coating included. And it goes without saying that it has the memory of an elephant: it never forgives and it certainly never forgets (swans and awkward thigh slits included).

So yes, the right dress is crucial and should therefore be prepared meticulously, the precision level resembling at its best a military mission. Finding The Answer to The Question means finding a way through a maze of questions really: Is it the right designer? Is it the right cut? Is it the right fit? Is it the right colour? Is it the right length? It is well understood that it has not been the actress herself who was in search of the exit, but most probably a stylist and her team. At the end of the whole process the whole world will see if she has found her way out or if she, to put it plainly, has just hit a wall. One thing is sure, there will be enough people to witness both.

Image: Valentino spring 2013 [style.com]

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  1. Audrey says: 27. Februar 201321:19

    Why does any of them wore such a beautiful gown as this one! this is so beautiful and perfect for such an event.

    • Marzena says: 4. März 201323:57

      My thoughts exactly, Audrey!

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