On repeat

A coat is a coat is…a coat…is a…coat. That is not my attempt of reaching a philosophical break-through ladies and gentleman. That is in fact the tune which sets in by mid January. Every single year.

On the first chilly day I reach with a smile for my winter coat. „Long time no see, my friend“ is exactly what is crossing my mind when I do that. And then, for quite some while actually, I enjoy his company. By December we have become, once again, inseparable. BFFs really (sorry about that…couldn’t resist). Every single outing, every winter stroll is done in mutual company. Bliss.

Too much of a good thing can be wonderful stated Mae West. Unfortunately that does not cover everything in life. Once the new year has really kicked off (or the realisation of it kicked in), I start to get a little bit bored. It is just a question of time and the „little“ will be replaced gradually by „really“. Hello Winter Sales! Yes, they become by that time nothing short of irresistible.

Long story short. Here is the thing with winter coats: I do think that we all should have about three different versions in our closet. At least. Take or give. But three would be realistically a good number to take us through the cold months, right? Not only to keep us nice and warm, but also to provide some change when days seem practically melt seamlessly into each other. It is nice to have options. Especially when the weather really starts to do nothing but annoy us, when we are starting to get impatient and wait for the first signs of spring.

Now the question is: which three winter coats would make the cut? And how does the harsh reality look like? More about that tomorrow…

Image: afterDRK

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  1. Audrey says: 8. Februar 201321:23

    ah, the winter coats! yes, i have also a number of winter coats. A long dark brown (while looking as a bear, if i must believe my colleagues) is when the temperatures are below minus. And there’s a second hand. This is my Camel (fur) coat, good for a walk! So true, it’s nice to have options to take us through the cold months.
    But now i’m tired of the Winter madness, a bit Spring wouldn’t harm!

    Have a good weekend Marzena!!

    • Marzena says: 11. Februar 201300:38

      So happy that you told me a little bit about your own current coat situation. I really hope to be able to built a little collection of winter coats to choose from in the future. It is so much better to have different options for different occasions and moods.
      Hope you had a great weekend, Audrey!

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