Surprise, surprise

Lacoste fall 2013Lacoste fall 2013
There is one wardrobe item you will probably think about when I drop the name „Lacoste“: the classic polo shirt. I guess it is not exactly breaking news when I admit that I don’t own one and that I don’t plan to. In return it could be surprising to hear that the famous French label has caught my attention with a…dress.
As you can see, it is not the typical tennis dress one would associate Lacoste with. A clear and defined silhouette. Structured and voluminous shoulders. There is no doubt that the sportswear character prevails, but it does so with a quiet elegance. I wouldn’t mind to be surprised again.

Images: Lacoste fall 2013 [afterDRK and Vogue]

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  1. Amanda says: 18. Februar 201323:24

    Fell in love with this dress as well, honey. The shoulders and overall silhouette is just gorgeous.

    • Marzena says: 19. Februar 201300:47

      Happy to hear that, Amanda. There must be really a certain something about this dress. Maybe we will think differently about Lacoste in the future?

  2. Audrey says: 19. Februar 201319:23

    So completely different isn’t it. I think the wide sleeves and the split makes this a beautiful dress!

    • Marzena says: 21. Februar 201301:20

      Absolutely! I think this dress could be really worn casually in everyday life. It surely would look stunning with a pair of simple sneakers, wouldn’t it?

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