The nail „thing“

Donna Karan fall 2012
A few years ago the sole mention of the word „nail art“ would have brought up nothing more than a cringe from anybody really. A flood of unwanted images would have inundated our minds like acrylic nails, neon light and rhinestones. Who would have thought that things could change so dramatically in a blink of an eye?
Well maybe not exactly as fast as that. But fast enough to let us wondering mouth agape about its current popularity or dare-I-say hype. I think that it is possible to pinpoint the moment  for this new kind of passion with the appearance of two particular nail polishes in fall 2009: Chanel’s Jade and Essie’s Mint Candy Apple. At that time Alexa Chung adorned her nails with the minty colour when making a TV appearance and that was pretty much enough to send a trend on its way (by the way you might remember that the exact same thing happened simultaneously with the YSL arty oval ring). After  this, nothing stayed the same. Well, how could it have?
By now every cosmetic brand, whether high end or high street, is doing their best to come up with unseen shades each new season. At the same time they cultivate a love for the classics since a Chanel Rouge Noir has no less potential than the iconic N°5. Limited editions are rounding up the portfolio and are de rigeur today. Nothing sends more of a go-get-them-signal than the fear of impending disappearance from the market.

After seeing gold, glitter, neon and crackling finishes, you might have thought that you have seen it all, that „someone should draw the line here“. Well, things can always be pushed a little bit further and I guess that the joy of flirting with the abyss is to see how far you can go before things get nasty. Right now, we are not facing nail polish talk anymore, we see some serious stuff happening on those nails: all kind of shapes and symbols and whatnot.  „Nail art“ is pretty much everywhere. They say it has nothing to do with the above mentioned word and its tackiness. And it’s true. Whaaaaaat?

Yes, this is coming from someone who whould have never believed that her name and „nail art“ should be ever brought up in a sentence. Ever. But let me say this. As with anything in life, in fashion and in beauty, there are different degrees to anything. You can go crazy on that hair cut and choose a neon undercut. You could opt for a hello kitty nail thing, but you could also go with a nude base and a burgundy tip. A perfect reason to go a little bit overboard with one’s keep-it-simple-attitude…

Image: Donna Karan fall 2012 [Vogue Uk]

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