The case Saint Laurent (Part 1)

There are many, many collections striding down the runway in New York, Milan and Paris during fashion week. When a label succeeds to stand out and maybe even to stay on our mind, it is most of the time by the means of beautiful clothes and inventiveness. Of course, there are quite a few other factors which can have a positive impact on our overall impression of a runway show and therefore our reaction: the styling, the make-up and the scenery. A new designer taking over the reigns of a renown fashion house does also lead to a lot of attention. Latter is the case for Hedi Slimane entering the stage of Yves Saint Laurent: t is only the second season of the designer being at the helm of the famous label, reason enough for anyone to focus on the outcome.

Hedi has already proven that he is rather prone to surprises by dropping the Yves in favour of the simpler „Saint Laurent“. When we take a closer look at the much bespoken fall 2013 collection, it becomes clear that the abbreviation was only the first of possibly many outrageous steps in the future. Walking down the runway was one grunge look after the other: short leather dresses, plaid shirts, heavy boots. First impression: this collection has a lot to do with Hedi Slimane and his love for this particular scene (see: Hedi Slimane diary) and absolutely nothing with Yves Saint Laurent and his love for elegance.

To be continued…

Image: unknown

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  1. Audrey says: 27. März 201320:12

    I share your thoughts about this particular collection. Oh my…there’s nothing that’s related to and yes indeed „his love for elegance“. Not that i’m the right person to discus fashion in general but from a amateur perspective: for example just at look at the designers from Valentino. They share his sense for romance and feminine but put their own identity on it and not forget the heritage and the long history. Maybe we have to be patience Marzena and the next collection will be a stunner, so we forget this topic. And isn’t that what’s always be the case, forgive and forget! And i stay tuned!!

    I hope your week is a good one so far Marzena!!

    • Marzena says: 28. März 201315:06

      That was exactly what I thought, Audrey. The Valentino designers were praised for inserting masterfully the spirit of the founder into their collections. Even though they have a new and fresh take on the brand, they did stay true to the foundations. The same goes for Alexander Wang and Balenciaga or so it seems. Hedi on the other hand has a completely different approach, an approach which is quite daring since he moved very far from the YSL spirit of the famous brand. Although the collection was not my cup of tea, I do look forward to see what is happening next.

      Have a lovely day!

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