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blue shirt
If you are spending a little bit of time on tumblr, you have probably come around this picture already. Maybe even several times. This doesn’t stop me from posting it, though, and I hope you don’t mind. I really love the simplicity of this look and I firmly believe that I am going to feel the exact same way next year (and the year after that).

It also reminds me that my search for the perfect blue shirt wasn’t successful yet. If you have came upon the perfect one, I would love to hear…

Images: (1) unknown (2) glamcanyon

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  1. Jacquelyn says: 17. April 201322:46

    That is one of my favorite pictures! I love a nice blue shirt and black skinny jeans, relaxed yet pulled together. I own a wide variety of blue shirts ranging from cotton, to oxfords to chambrays and denims. My favorites have to be from J.Crew though; I have a men’s over-sized one that I love, as well as a women’s oxford that is color-blocked light and slightly darker light blues.

    • Marzena says: 19. April 201313:34

      It really is one of my favourites, too! Love the effortlessness. Would really like to have a J.Crew shop around the corner. I always hear so many great things about the brand and their basic pieces seem to be amazing. Did you give Uniqlo a try?

  2. Natalie says: 21. April 201312:08

    Beautiful look! From the image, it looks like that shirt might be a relaxed denim number. There is a beautiful light blue linen shirt at Uniqlo at the moment, a must have! http://www.uniqlo.com/uk/store/goods/075682 xn

    • Marzena says: 22. April 201313:19

      You are right, this could definitely be a denim number! Would love to take a closer look at the Uniqlo shirt you mentioned. Will have to wait until the next London visit or so though.

  3. Jacquelyn says: 21. April 201317:09

    They are good for basics! I have yet to try Uniqlo’s shirts, a friend has a few that she really loves. Their premium cotton t-shirts are my favorites for sure. I’ve been meaning to stop into a store and check out the linen blend shirts they keep emailing me about. Ha! I’m not in the need for any more shirts at the moment, but they’ll be the next retailer I’ll try.

    • Marzena says: 22. April 201313:20

      It seems to me as though I don’t have completed my shirts portfolio yet. A linen number is missing for sure!

  4. Audrey says: 21. April 201319:41

    ah yes Marzena! it’s hard to find a nice blue shirt, i often check the men’s department,reminds me…have to do this the next time.

    • Marzena says: 22. April 201313:24

      You are completely right, Audrey. The menswear department is so much better when one is searching for a „no-fuss-straight-cut“ kind of shirt.

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