Much more of a napkin

Ryan Michael Kelly
Just when you thought that this place is deserted…
In all honesty: I wouldn’t blame you if you were this close to drop me a line and say that I „shouldn’t have bothered really and create this blog, a napkin would have suited your purpose perfectly well“. In some way your word would have carried more truth than you would probably think. Because even under pressure, even at gun point, I would have barely made it and scribbled down a few words. Not that they would have made sense anyway. The thing is that I had company. Not the good kind of company. Hello summer flu!
This „thing“ is a paradox in itself. It shouldn’t exist. And yet, it does exist. I am not going into details here. I am just going to say that being in a delirium for a week while the most beautiful weather is laughing straight in your face is pure torture.
Now I come slowly back to my senses and start to feel like a human being. Sitting here on a balmy summer night, all windows open, being lucid and putting words together (in a coherent way!) makes me kind of happy. Even the fact that my neighbor has brought out his precious 90s CD collection and celebrates a Goerge Michael & Phil Collins revival, well, even that doesn’t make me flinch at all. This is what recovery does to you. And the meds.
In spite of the bleak appearance of this post, it  is much more of a big-sigh-and-rolling-up-my-sleeves-kind-of-spirit.

I raise my water glass to you and your patiency and I truly hope that you are spending a splenid summer. Here is to more posts in the next days…

Image: Ryan Michael Kelly

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  1. audrey says: 25. Juli 201319:37

    So sorry to hear about the flu Marzena! hopefully at this moment your much much better now! and you’re able to enjoy the beautiful weather. Otherwise, there will always be a „next time“. The most important in life is our health. Take care! and talk to you soon.xx

    • Marzena says: 31. Juli 201322:45

      Thank you so much for your kind words, Audrey!

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