A moment

Columbine Smille
My intention for this post was to speak about vacation. Now, how come that I choose a picture which is mostly about concrete when I am usually so trigger happy when it comes to stunning pictures of the sea? For a moment I pondered the idea of choosing something else. Something airy. Something soothing. But then, I stopped in my tracks and thought that this picture will do just right. Not because I just finished an excruciating episode of Breaking Bad and therefore everything else, anything really, evokes a calming atmosphere. No, it’s because somehow this exact moment captured in this picture allows me to think about a relaxed morning. A morning during which I will do nothing else but drink leisurely a cup of coffee and overlook whatever it is in front of me with all the patience in the world.

Image: Columbine Smille

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  1. Audrey says: 21. August 201320:52

    Beautiful thoughts! to create that little moment for yourself in a day!

    • Marzena says: 22. August 201308:54

      Oh…thank you dearest Audrey! You are so right, it really is important to try and take moments like this.

  2. Andrea says: 2. September 201318:04

    The very reason why I love weekends. What is more soothing than not having any plans and relaxing outside with a hot cup of coffee? Just found your blog today via This is Glamorous. Loving your posts!

    • Marzena says: 2. September 201318:13

      Hi Andrea, so happy to hear that you enjoy this little space of mine! I wish you a great start to the week…

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