Nothing special


Absolutely in love with this editorial from the September issue of Costume Magazine. At the first glance it really seems like nothing special: blue jeans, a chunky sweater and camel coat. Didn’t we see this combo a thousand times before? The rolled-up cuffs and the leisurely over the shoulders thrown coat are not any different. And yet. I do love these three classic pieces and it seems to me that the picture above contains my idea of the perfect version of these exact items. The perfect shade of blue and the perfect wash. The perfect shade of cream and the perfect knit. The perfect shade of camel and the perfect cut. On top of that I do love to see these wardrobe staples together. The styling is the cherry on top, cap and vans included. Now just add two ridiculesly good looking coats (see below) to the editorial equation and there you go: a few pictures worth a post.


Images: Daniel Stenild

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  1. Betül says: 27. Oktober 201313:11

    absolutely love the outfit in the first photo! oh and that gray coat, a ‚must‘ in the wardrobe! :)

    • Marzena says: 28. Oktober 201309:40

      I completely agree. Still dreaming of the perfect camel coat :)

  2. Kate says: 7. November 201300:15

    Yeah, I love this!

    (I’m currently running a giveaway for some gorgeous jewelry, if you’re interested.)

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