A serious case

If you are visiting this little space of mine more regularly, you have probably noticed my weakness for a certain kind of post: declaring my love to something which I thought to be out of my taste comfort zone. The Coal Slider featured in the latest Emerson Fry campaign is not an exception. A few weeks prior I would have deemed them to be nothing but fancy home footwear. Now all I can think of is that I desperately need a pair, that I want to wear them all day long, that I would even pull them off in a business meeting (I would!). I think that this is a quite drastic case of „I can change my mind, can’t I?“. Its roots lying somewhere between the impeccable execution of the shoe (the minimalistic approach, the buttery soft leather and the contrasting sole) and the overall styling of the look (an all black look which gains depth through different kind of shades and textures). Another possible factor: seeing one too many editorials and street style pictures featuring Adidas and Birkenstock slip-ons over the last weeks, sometimes paired with socks. Maybe I do have underestimated this trend and now I find myself with a soft spot for this exact kind of footwear. If so, I am more than happy to comply with these beauties made by Emerson Fry.

Image: Emerson Fry

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  1. Audrey says: 22. März 201420:07

    Well…let me put it this way. The way you describe it..I started to like this too!! In fact at our drugstore (of all places!) I also discovered „similar“ comfy home footwear to wear outside. Of course it doesn’t compare with the emerson fry. Laid back luxe. Yes, it’s pretty Marzena!

  2. Natalie says: 15. April 201417:23

    Thank you for the introduction to EF – beautiful things and a beautiful campaign! Those shoes too… gorgeous. Only the other day did I see a pair of black leather Tibi flat mules on NaP and thought just maybe! x

  3. Tresses Beauty says: 24. Juni 201406:31

    Just wanna say “ I love the overcoat“ :)


  4. raquelgratistotal says: 12. Februar 201516:48

    Could your return? i miss this blog

  5. Alma says: 5. Mai 201516:46

    This is what magazines do: create trends. And why not? Some are successful, some are not. It’s about convincing some people to try. The rest comes as they show it to the audience.

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