If you are visiting this little space of mine more regularly, you have probably noticed my weakness for a certain kind of post: declaring my love to something which I thought to be out of my taste comfort zone. The Coal Slider featured in the latest Emerson Fry campaign is not an exception. A few weeks prior I would have deemed them to be nothing but fancy home footwear. Now all I can think of is that I desperately need a pair, that I want to wear them all day long, that I would even pull them off in a business meeting (I would!). I think that this is a quite drastic case of „I can change my mind, can’t I?“. Its roots lying somewhere between the impeccable execution of the shoe (the minimalistic approach, the buttery soft leather and the contrasting sole) and the overall styling of the look (an all black look which gains depth through different kind of shades and textures). Another possible factor: seeing one too many editorials and street style pictures featuring Adidas and Birkenstock slip-ons over the last weeks, sometimes paired with socks. Maybe I do have underestimated this trend and now I find myself with a soft spot for this exact kind of footwear. If so, I am more than happy to comply with these beauties made by Emerson Fry.

Image: Emerson Fry

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It is rather rare that I publish a campaign on my blog. So rare in fact that I can remember the one time I did (it was quite a while ago and Jil Sander). Quite surprising, if you ask me. Most campaigns at least equal the quality of editorials and their commercial intention is not substantially different, except for the presence of the label. More often than not they deserve a second glance, just like this picture from the Edun campaign shot by the designer herself, Danielle Sherman. I love the minimalistic approach: a black and white picture shot in profile, simple styling and the renunciation of any storytelling whatsoever.
When I started working in fashion, I remember how startled I was when my colleagues perused the first twenty pages of
Vogue with much more excitement and attention than the rest of the magazine. Until then, I was used to astonishment when not complaints from pretty much everyone around me when they had to fight their way through the seemingly countless pages of advertisement. My colleagues, on the other hand, were often times much more in awe of the level of production behind these pictures than any editorial that followed suit. Now, that is what I call a change of perspective.

Image: Danielle Sherman

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David Vasiljevic
It has been quite a while. I just have noticed that it has been almost a month, in fact. When practically every other post consists of explanations and excuses, it gets pretty embarrassing if you ask me. Are we quite there yet? I think we are…

This year has been everything but boring so far. Good things happened. Then some not so good things. And now that I am finally able to catch my breath, I can’t believe that it is mid February. Confirmation came in many forms among others in yesterday’s visit to one of my favourite magazine stores: the March issues were piling up and covering all of their walls. One of the magazines that I grabbed for a closer look was the Elle UK and this is the picture that caught my attention. It really did, because just a few minutes later I pointed it out to B. All these colours, the fabrics, the cuts. I wasn’t aware of it, but apparently one can get excited over a pair of bermuda shorts and trainers. Maybe it is just me, but it does practically scream „SPRING!“.

Are we there yet? I hope very soon.

Image: David Vasiljevic for Elle UK

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The beauty of a new year is the feeling of starting over, afresh, having a blank canvas at your disposition and a clear mind…LET’S STOP RIGHT THERE. I don’t know about you but my „clear mind“ resembles much more my kitchen after a very successful party than the supposed zen-space. So, with all these ideas, tasks and deadlines, crying for my attention, where am I supposed to start?
Maybe with the 3.1 Phillip 2013 holidays collection and more specifically with the two looks above. The styling (loose T, tucked in hair) is flawless and both jackets are matching my idea of perfect wardrobe staples. But there is more: surprisingly I am finding myself relenting to the idea of wide legged trousers and not any white legged trousers, ladies and gentlemen: white wide legged trousers which are luxuriously touching the ground. A sure nightmare for the hard reality of daily life and a city where a clear coat barely survives two weeks without a visit to the cleaner. Now, add the close relationship between the hem and the floor to the equation…On the other hand there is this perfect silhouette created through the contrast of this unpractical item and the short and beautifully constructed leather jacket. I suppose that the magic of fashion consists in our ability to put the bespoken issues to the very back of our mind or at least relativize them. The dry cleaner is around the corner right?

Images: 3.1 Phillip Lim

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Paul Wetherell
Not quite sure if I would make the exact same styling decisions in the morning which is probably the exact reason why I have fallen for this editorial. Whether it’s the silky socks combined with suede pumps or the extravagant tread-sole platform slip-ons, all the little details and especially the somewhat quirky choice in footwear, break down the otherwise perfectly polished looks. And since I have a certain soft spot for contrasts, I can’t help myself but finding this kind of approach to fashion quite appealing. Do you?

Images: Paul Wetherell

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Absolutely in love with this editorial from the September issue of Costume Magazine. At the first glance it really seems like nothing special: blue jeans, a chunky sweater and camel coat. Didn’t we see this combo a thousand times before? The rolled-up cuffs and the leisurely over the shoulders thrown coat are not any different. And yet. I do love these three classic pieces and it seems to me that the picture above contains my idea of the perfect version of these exact items. The perfect shade of blue and the perfect wash. The perfect shade of cream and the perfect knit. The perfect shade of camel and the perfect cut. On top of that I do love to see these wardrobe staples together. The styling is the cherry on top, cap and vans included. Now just add two ridiculesly good looking coats (see below) to the editorial equation and there you go: a few pictures worth a post.


Images: Daniel Stenild

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Street style photography has massively changed over the last years, so much in fact that it has led to an outcry of Suzy Menkes (remember her famous article?). Following fashion week equals still having a look at street style shots for me. However…

Issue n°1: There is probably some kind of saturation that has crept in overtime. The captured outfits lead rather to a yawn than to an inspiring moment.
Issue n°2: A colour explosion topped by futurustic elements and a bouquet of flowers means my attention, but attention does not necessarily equal interest.
Issue n°3:  Most of the looks seem by now far from being genuine and authentic but either an outcry for attention (see issue n°2) or an literal extension from the runway. Minus the overall vision of the designer and the show aspect that goes with it.

Sometimes, though, I come across pictures like the ones showed above. Pretty nice examples of how to style a sneaker if you ask me. Rather simple and yet more than enough to get me thinking what I like about them…


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The Sartorialist
The title is not sticking a hundred per cent to the truth (after all there is a golden coloured bag peeking from under the coat). But once I have gotten over the fact how lovely this shot was, I couldn’t help myself but focus on the colour combination. Putting an outfit together by mixing red, white and blue means that one runs automatically and very dangerously close to the fine line of becoming an impersonated flag. In this case the danger has been elegantly avoided and yet. I am not quite sure if I will y remain an admirer from afar or an active part of this particular tricolour movement.

Image: The Sartorialist

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Over the last months it has become impossible to avoid Cara Delevigne. Magazine Covers. Editorials. Campaigns. Runways. There is not a single space in fashion she didn’t conquer. Hardly any other person would be a better fit with the newest issue of the Industrie magazine dedicated to the subject of Influence.

Images: Allasdair McLellan 

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In love with this look from the spring 2014 Proenza Schouler collection. Maybe because of the coat and its exquisite tailoring (see last post). Maybe because of the clutch (I am currently favouring one bag of mine whose material mix and colours come very close to this one). Maybe because of the silhouette (somehow the idea of a longer coat and mid calf trousers seem appealing to me). Maybe because I find a bare faced make up look pretty refreshing. Most probably because of all these things together.

proenza-schouler-rtw-ss2014-runway-16_161134259525 Images: Proenza Schouler spring 2014

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