Absolutely in love with this editorial from the September issue of Costume Magazine. At the first glance it really seems like nothing special: blue jeans, a chunky sweater and camel coat. Didn’t we see this combo a thousand times before? The rolled-up cuffs and the leisurely over the shoulders thrown coat are not any different. And yet. I do love these three classic pieces and it seems to me that the picture above contains my idea of the perfect version of these exact items. The perfect shade of blue and the perfect wash. The perfect shade of cream and the perfect knit. The perfect shade of camel and the perfect cut. On top of that I do love to see these wardrobe staples together. The styling is the cherry on top, cap and vans included. Now just add two ridiculesly good looking coats (see below) to the editorial equation and there you go: a few pictures worth a post.


Images: Daniel Stenild

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This post is everything but a review. At least for  the moment. I couldn’t say a single word about the performance of these products, since I didn’t get my hands on any of these. Yet. What I can say with certainty, however, is that I AM the kind of person who falls for THIS KIND of packaging. So simple. So good. No wonder then, that I couldn’t resist paying Aesop a visit during my stay in Paris. Something that I really loved was that the shop itself matched the design of the products beautifully and created a unique experience. Although no product did end up in my shopping basket, the lovely lady at the counter provided me with some samples. All in all it becomes fairly easy to understand why people go a little bit crazy for this particular brand.

Something that I have to point out in the end of this post would be the absolutely gorgeous illustration above which has been created by Aline Caron from My Little Fabric.


Images: (1) My Little Fabric (2) and (3) & Other Stories

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Street style photography has massively changed over the last years, so much in fact that it has led to an outcry of Suzy Menkes (remember her famous article?). Following fashion week equals still having a look at street style shots for me. However…

Issue n°1: There is probably some kind of saturation that has crept in overtime. The captured outfits lead rather to a yawn than to an inspiring moment.
Issue n°2: A colour explosion topped by futurustic elements and a bouquet of flowers means my attention, but attention does not necessarily equal interest.
Issue n°3:  Most of the looks seem by now far from being genuine and authentic but either an outcry for attention (see issue n°2) or an literal extension from the runway. Minus the overall vision of the designer and the show aspect that goes with it.

Sometimes, though, I come across pictures like the ones showed above. Pretty nice examples of how to style a sneaker if you ask me. Rather simple and yet more than enough to get me thinking what I like about them…


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Found this gem some while ago on Tumblr and after a brief research stunt the author was revealed: the Londoner artist Amy Judd. Her recent series of paintings is inspired by „the enchanting and imaginative relationship between women and birds found in traditional mythologies and folklores“. Quite intriguing choice of topic if you ask me. It goes without saying that seeing the original is a whole other story, the deep colour palette being close to the one often used by the photographer Paolo Roversi (you can see two of his pictures here and here).

Image: Amy Judd

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The Sartorialist
The title is not sticking a hundred per cent to the truth (after all there is a golden coloured bag peeking from under the coat). But once I have gotten over the fact how lovely this shot was, I couldn’t help myself but focus on the colour combination. Putting an outfit together by mixing red, white and blue means that one runs automatically and very dangerously close to the fine line of becoming an impersonated flag. In this case the danger has been elegantly avoided and yet. I am not quite sure if I will y remain an admirer from afar or an active part of this particular tricolour movement.

Image: The Sartorialist

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Over the last months it has become impossible to avoid Cara Delevigne. Magazine Covers. Editorials. Campaigns. Runways. There is not a single space in fashion she didn’t conquer. Hardly any other person would be a better fit with the newest issue of the Industrie magazine dedicated to the subject of Influence.

Images: Allasdair McLellan 

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In love with this look from the spring 2014 Proenza Schouler collection. Maybe because of the coat and its exquisite tailoring (see last post). Maybe because of the clutch (I am currently favouring one bag of mine whose material mix and colours come very close to this one). Maybe because of the silhouette (somehow the idea of a longer coat and mid calf trousers seem appealing to me). Maybe because I find a bare faced make up look pretty refreshing. Most probably because of all these things together.

proenza-schouler-rtw-ss2014-runway-16_161134259525 Images: Proenza Schouler spring 2014

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We might bid farewell to summer and yet the contrary is currently happening in the fashion industry: designers have started to showcase their spring 2014 collections in New York. Although it is a little bit confusing to muse about lightweight materials while one is just getting friendly with the idea that we need to carry a sweater, a jacket, a coat…one also is very much intrigued by what will be on offer next year. By „one“ I mean „I“ really since the same will probably not be true for everyone. But maybe you, dear reader, are just as curious a I am? If that is the case, let’s enjoy a little peek into the future together…

Image: Garance Doré

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These are the last days of summer and in the end one cannot help but surrender to doing all the things one more time before autumn is here for good. Spending the whole day outside armed with books and magazines. Wearing sunglasses and sandals. Having an evening stroll by the river and enjoying drinks with friends. So yes, this is some kind of farewell to summer. A bittersweet one.

Images: Instagram (1) and (3) @fuglen, (2) @70percentsteph

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It seems as though I have a thing for fine jewellery lately, literally.
Lately because only a few posts ago I mentioned the jewellery designer Gaia Repossi. And literally because, as you can see, all these pieces above are exquisitely subtle. I love the designer’s approach of creating something modern and different and yet at the same time fluent and uncomplicated. One can easily imagine wearing this kind of jewellery on a daily basis, of them becoming a part of one’s everyday attire and maybe even a part of oneself.

And if that isn’t reason enough to fall in love with her creations, the exquisite mise en scène of the lookbook will surely do the rest.

Images: Sophie Bille Brahe

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