Way back, when blogs were still unexplored territory and very far from anything that would ressemble an actual business, I came across This Is Glamorous. I was instantly smitten, Roséline was for me one of the first bloggers who has developed a voice of her own through carefully chosen pictures and elegant wording. It goes without saying that I have instantly bookmarked this little newfound gem. Over the years This is Glamorous evolved and yet stayed true to the core idea, something that is pretty remarkable in my eyes.
When Roséline invited me to be a contributor, I obviously didn’t have to think twice. I am thrilled to add my perspective to a space full of beauty and inspiration, even more so because it was one of the reasons why I wanted to start a blog of my own. I must admit that it took me quite a while to get this particular post done. A whole week to be exact. Over the last few days I tried to find the right pictures in order to portray Roséline’s aesthetic. Every single day I came up with a different idea for the post and I simple couldn’t decide which one of them would get the essence of this blog across. And this is exactly what this blog is all about: starting a visual journey and get a little bit lost, one story at a time.

Images: This Is Glamorous

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Columbine Smille
My intention for this post was to speak about vacation. Now, how come that I choose a picture which is mostly about concrete when I am usually so trigger happy when it comes to stunning pictures of the sea? For a moment I pondered the idea of choosing something else. Something airy. Something soothing. But then, I stopped in my tracks and thought that this picture will do just right. Not because I just finished an excruciating episode of Breaking Bad and therefore everything else, anything really, evokes a calming atmosphere. No, it’s because somehow this exact moment captured in this picture allows me to think about a relaxed morning. A morning during which I will do nothing else but drink leisurely a cup of coffee and overlook whatever it is in front of me with all the patience in the world.

Image: Columbine Smille

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With the temperatures dropping and the feeling rising that autumn is just around the corner, I find myself swooning over these beautiful coats. Vogue UK has opted for the crème de la crème for their editorial „Under Cover“ in this year’s September Issue: The coats (Céline, Hermès, Lanvin and Louis Vuitton), the photographer (Alasdair McLellan), the model (Miranda Kerr) and the styling (Kate Phelan) make it somehow okay to think about the cozier additions to our wardrobes.

miranda-9 (1)

Images: Alasdair McLellan

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repossicelineA few minutes ago I assumed that this post is going to be nothing more than a little portrait of Gaia Repossi and her homonymous jewellery brand. Which would have been totally fine since there is a lot to be said about the creative director and her take on a craftsmanship which is shaped by hundreds of years of tradition. However, when I started to write about my first encounter with Gaia Repossi (Garance Doré) and to mention all the different kind of sources that have featured her (e.g. The Gentlewoman and The Coveteur) a question popped into my mind and got me distracted.

Is a strong link between a fashion brand and the creative head behind it nowadays de rigeur?

The possibilities of shaping one’s image can certainly be classified as countless, many of them venturing quite far from the classic interview. Think Karl Lagerfeld and Tom Ford who have opened the doors to their lives and ateliers in a documentary. Think Michael Kors enjoying his high chair and judging role in Project Runway. And think Russian designers Vika Gazinskaya and Ulyana Sergeenko who make smartly use of the current street style craze. Renouncing all forms of publicity and cultivating a certain kind of mystery seems more than ever a curiosity. Couturier Azzedine Alaïa is one of the rare fashion personalities who renounces the spotlight and opts for something different. His minimalist philosophy extends from his designs over the number of collections to his PR strategy. A demeanour like this seems probably like a luxury to a lot of marketing executives, a luxury which one cannot afford these days when personalities have become a fixed currency. And yet, one should not forget that secrecy, this particular luxury, is something that we are all attracted to.

Images: Jak & Jil and  Interview Magazine

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Lena C. Emery
These two pictures by Lena C.Ermey for Grit Magazine are stunning on their own and even better when seen side by side. That is what an editorial should be all about right?

Images: Lena C.Ermey

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Mija Creators of desire
It seems as though a new attitude towards sneakers has been shaped over the last months. It has become a real „thing“ by now. You can see them everywhere and you can buy them everywhere (hello Zara!). You can choose from an enormous variety and you can combine them with everything. Maybe it is quite daring to pinpoint a certain moment or even look as the trigger for this craze. And yet, I am willing to take the risk. There is one look who has been posted on various street style blogs during fashion week this March and who has practically exploded all over the internet. A woman wearing a classic camel coat, a pair of slim white jeans and — surprise — Nikes. (And by the way: I plead guilty since I couldn’t resist to dedicate a post to it as well.)

It is pretty certain that other factors have played a role in this development, than one single woman and a few pictures. However, I do think that it has contributed in some way. Maybe even in a big.

Image: Mija Creators of Desire

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Note to self: bake banana bread this weekend. If the heat wave doesn’t strike once again that is. And who is the best person to turn to when it is about finding the perfect recipe? I would suggest someone who has gone through a banana bread addiction. Molly Winzenberg from Orangette. Now, this sounds maybe like a harsh thing to say or like a complete exaggeration. And yet, I quote:

„Clearly, I have a problem. If my count is correct, this is the sixth, SIXTH, banana bread and/or cake recipe that I have written about here. Is there some sort of treatment facility for this? A Betty Ford Center for Banana Bread Dependency? I try to stop myself, but I am weak. So weak.“

I don’t think that there are more words necessary to convince you that you need banana bread in your life. And the perfect recipe can be found here.

Image: simply breakfast

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photisserie_5 photisserie_2
One can’t say enough good things about Kathreinerle’s blog photisserie: great food styling  combined with amazing photography skills. And if you feel just like me about mint flavoured water than you will be probably tempted to take a look at her mint and lime lemonde recipe.

Images: photisserie

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Kayt JonesKayt Jones
To classify this editorial as a „surprising move“ would mean pushing things quite a bit (and into the wrong direction). All signs of evidence are present: a lot of white and muted colours, simple styling and an overall clean-approach, beautiful tailoring and contrasting materials. But who needs surprises if the result is as gorgeous as these pictures?

Images: Kayt Jones

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Ryan Michael Kelly
Just when you thought that this place is deserted…
In all honesty: I wouldn’t blame you if you were this close to drop me a line and say that I „shouldn’t have bothered really and create this blog, a napkin would have suited your purpose perfectly well“. In some way your word would have carried more truth than you would probably think. Because even under pressure, even at gun point, I would have barely made it and scribbled down a few words. Not that they would have made sense anyway. The thing is that I had company. Not the good kind of company. Hello summer flu!
This „thing“ is a paradox in itself. It shouldn’t exist. And yet, it does exist. I am not going into details here. I am just going to say that being in a delirium for a week while the most beautiful weather is laughing straight in your face is pure torture.
Now I come slowly back to my senses and start to feel like a human being. Sitting here on a balmy summer night, all windows open, being lucid and putting words together (in a coherent way!) makes me kind of happy. Even the fact that my neighbor has brought out his precious 90s CD collection and celebrates a Goerge Michael & Phil Collins revival, well, even that doesn’t make me flinch at all. This is what recovery does to you. And the meds.
In spite of the bleak appearance of this post, it  is much more of a big-sigh-and-rolling-up-my-sleeves-kind-of-spirit.

I raise my water glass to you and your patiency and I truly hope that you are spending a splenid summer. Here is to more posts in the next days…

Image: Ryan Michael Kelly

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