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Alasdair McLellan
After an unannounced week of silence due to a nasty cold and a somewhat cranky internet connection, let’s get back into the swing of things.
The lovely Natalie asked me a few posts ago (in the comment section) about my thoughts on the last Balenciaga collection. You must know (and you probably do unless you were living under a rock for the past few months – fashion news wise) that it was Nicola Ghesquière’s last collection for the renowned fashion label before passing the torch to Alexander Wang (after a lot of rumours and a good dose of speculation madness). One can easily see why the designer referred to it as „the most sensual collection I’ve ever done“. The first look, and probably the most cited one, is nothing else but a pantsuit combined with a bra top. Although it is not that easy to imagine WHEN, WHERE and above all HOW you are supposed to wear it, there is something very much appealing about that look nontheless. It is polished and well constructed and in the same time it is also unexpectedly revealing. I for one can imagine wearing that top over a t-shirt but maybe I just saw one too many episodes of you-know-which-series or I was simply thinking about the black-harness-over-white-t-shirt-combo sported by Taylor Tomasi Hill a few seasons ago. Either so, Alasdair McLellan did a brilliant job of capturing the beauty of these pieces and so did the stylist (it kind of makes me want to wear every single ring of mine).

Anyway, this black and white shot was patiently waiting to be published and now I’m relieved to get it out of my system. Literally. Not so sure about this look though.

Image: Alasdair McLellan

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This was not planned, but apparently this week is all about dresses. I think that I just might pick a whole different topic for next post, but I thought that this beauty is definitely worth sharing. What I love most about that dress is pretty simple to explain: I don’t have the feeling to have seen it already like a hundred and ten times. Although maybe I should point out here that never-seen-before does not necessarily equal wow-this-is-outstanding. Sometimes a look or a garment can be very different from what we are used to see and sometimes we can not stop ourselves from thinking that it probably should have stayed that way. In this case, quite the contrary crossed my mind. (Did I mention that this picture is part of an editorial published in the gentlewoman? No? I should have because those ones never disappoint me.)
As you can read above its creator is no other than Nicolas Ghesquière, who is no longer designing for Balenciaga from this month on. Fifteen years as a head designer for a label seems like an eternity and almost utopian when you take into consideration that the game of musical chairs is reigning today’s  fashion industry. Just like everybody else, I’m curious to see what he is about to do next.

Image: Karim Sadli

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A few lovely things which are very much worth to figure on my list. A grey sweater that has the potential to be the perfect one (I like both the neckline and the dropped back hem). A slightly heavier scent which is not only „wanted“, but very much beloved. A pair of handcrafted men’s shoes which is by the way just one among many others I would consider buying as a present (I do not dare to speak of Christmas yet, at least not officialy). The 14th issue of the Acne Paper which will be the perfect read this week. And a black umbrella which reminded me that some classics are never getting old.

(1) Rag & Bone: Lund Pullover (2) Balenciaga Paris Eau de Parfum (3) N°532 (4) Acne Paper: 14th Issue (5) Swaine Adeney Brigg: Collapsible Travel Umbrella

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