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So here we go…first a few words about the harsh reality. The current coat situation comes in my case in the form of a parka really. I bought it three years ago when I was in the mood for some change. And I’m glad to report that I still like it very much — not only because it keeps me warm, but also because the colour (a warm grey) and the cut is just right. Now, I was in the mood for change because the two predecessors were classic coats. One of them is still hanging in my closet, the other one unfortunately doesn’t. The reason is quite simple: a garment made out of wool is quite challenged when facing numerous snowy winters in a row.

When buying a winter coat, I always tend to invest a little bit more in order to end up with a quality garment. First of all because it surely will keep you warmer than the bargain option. Second because you will have a piece that you love for more than one season. The consequence of this kind of thinking is that you certainly don’t buy two or three coats at a time and maybe not even one per year. You end up wearing one coat day in day, simply because you don’t have other options to choose from. That in turn means that the garment will be faster outworn than it would be if there was some rotation in question.

Starting to built a little collection of coats makes a lot of sense then. But that does only make sense when we have developed a sense for our personal style. Otherwise you can’t really speak about a collection, much rather about a little gathering of memories in your closet maybe. In the last post I settled on the magic number of three as the perfect starting point. Those three should differ largely one from the other, I think, so they are real options. That way you are really in for some change when switching between them. Three different colours, three different cuts.

The beauty of a blog is that we are able to splurge on an unrealistically high level. For me, this is reason enough to share a few favourites which a girl can only dream about and invite you for a little mind game. Which coat would you go for when looking at every singly row in order to have a perfect little starter collection on your hands? Although I’m very probably going to spend my money on alternatives, I consider this an exercise in order to be more clear about the choices to make in the future. That should be justification enough.


(1) The row: fessing coat (2) Vanessa Bruno: double-crepe wool coat (3) Chloé: double breasted coat

(1) Paule Ka: stretch cotton cocoon coat (2) Stella McCartney: Daphne wool coat  (3) Isabel Marant: david double-breasted coat

(1) Étoile Isabel Marant: Xavier bouclé wool and alpaca-blend coat (2) Stella McCartney: iconic Bryce wool coat

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