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Quite a few great collections were showcased on the Parisian runway and I would like to share a few of my favourite looks during the next few days. A label that caught my attention quite unexpectedly was Chloé. There was elegance and there was toughness. There were bare faces and high boots. There was an edge (piercings!) to an otherwise polished look. Usually those exact words would be found written below another designer’s work. In other words: this season feels tremendously influenced by a Céline kind point of view. More proof to come…


Images: Chloé fall 2013 []

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Today was a black and white picture kind of day, since my choice fell instantly on the picture above. It actually reminds me a little bit of the past Margarett Howell’s campaigns which have created a unique visual language with their simple and demure shots. As a matter of fact the clothing is very similar as well, since the signature style of the brand can be described as tomboyish and minimal. Its embodiment: a white collar peeking out of a grey sweater. What struck me in this picture, though, were not all those similarities. These thoughts surfaced a little bit later, when I was just about to start writing. What caught my attention were the tips of the white collar. Something as simple as that.

Image: Rokas Darulis

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