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Two days left until December and that means we are heading towards shorter days and freezing temperatures. I really don’t mind because that also means a lot of good stuff to look forward to: a good excuse for lighting a ridiculous amount of candles (and coming away with it), planing cosy dinners with friends at home (first point included, of course), planning my yearly Christmas visit to my family (never missed one, never will) and wearing darker lipstick (without passing for a Goth). And when I say darker lipstick, I do not mean black. That particular colour I will gladly relinquish to the runways and editorials, because frankly, no season will do the trick and make the innuendo of heavy depression disappear. When I say darker lipstick I mean darker plum or berry tones. Those look great with pretty much everything as seen above. Now, there are many options to choose from, a lot of different shades and a lot of different brands. Those four seem pretty interesting to me…

(1) Chanel Rouge Allure: Rouge Noir (2) mac: Cyber  (3) Tom Ford: Black Orchid (4) Nars Semi Matte Lipstick: Scarlet empress

(1) Rouge Noir is an iconic colour and a classic when it comes to my choice of nail polish. So it is easy to imagine this beautiful shade on the lips. (2) Cyber by mac is the lipstick worn by Columbine Smille in the picture above. It has a bluish undertone in opposition to the shade revel which I personally own, but I like this one just as much. (3) Tom Ford lipsticks are raved about (as seen chez Garance Doré) and although the pricing is extravagant, the packaging and the offered colours are brilliant. Here I would definitely suggest Black Orchid. (4) Nars in Scarlet Empress would probably would be my recommendation for beginners, just because it seems slightly less heavy than the other ones.

Images: (1) Columbine Smille (2) composition created by Definitely Golden

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