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David Vasiljevic
It has been quite a while. I just have noticed that it has been almost a month, in fact. When practically every other post consists of explanations and excuses, it gets pretty embarrassing if you ask me. Are we quite there yet? I think we are…

This year has been everything but boring so far. Good things happened. Then some not so good things. And now that I am finally able to catch my breath, I can’t believe that it is mid February. Confirmation came in many forms among others in yesterday’s visit to one of my favourite magazine stores: the March issues were piling up and covering all of their walls. One of the magazines that I grabbed for a closer look was the Elle UK and this is the picture that caught my attention. It really did, because just a few minutes later I pointed it out to B. All these colours, the fabrics, the cuts. I wasn’t aware of it, but apparently one can get excited over a pair of bermuda shorts and trainers. Maybe it is just me, but it does practically scream „SPRING!“.

Are we there yet? I hope very soon.

Image: David Vasiljevic for Elle UK

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Absolutely in love with this editorial from the September issue of Costume Magazine. At the first glance it really seems like nothing special: blue jeans, a chunky sweater and camel coat. Didn’t we see this combo a thousand times before? The rolled-up cuffs and the leisurely over the shoulders thrown coat are not any different. And yet. I do love these three classic pieces and it seems to me that the picture above contains my idea of the perfect version of these exact items. The perfect shade of blue and the perfect wash. The perfect shade of cream and the perfect knit. The perfect shade of camel and the perfect cut. On top of that I do love to see these wardrobe staples together. The styling is the cherry on top, cap and vans included. Now just add two ridiculesly good looking coats (see below) to the editorial equation and there you go: a few pictures worth a post.


Images: Daniel Stenild

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Over the last months it has become impossible to avoid Cara Delevigne. Magazine Covers. Editorials. Campaigns. Runways. There is not a single space in fashion she didn’t conquer. Hardly any other person would be a better fit with the newest issue of the Industrie magazine dedicated to the subject of Influence.

Images: Allasdair McLellan 

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With the temperatures dropping and the feeling rising that autumn is just around the corner, I find myself swooning over these beautiful coats. Vogue UK has opted for the crème de la crème for their editorial „Under Cover“ in this year’s September Issue: The coats (Céline, Hermès, Lanvin and Louis Vuitton), the photographer (Alasdair McLellan), the model (Miranda Kerr) and the styling (Kate Phelan) make it somehow okay to think about the cozier additions to our wardrobes.

miranda-9 (1)

Images: Alasdair McLellan

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Lena C. Emery
These two pictures by Lena C.Ermey for Grit Magazine are stunning on their own and even better when seen side by side. That is what an editorial should be all about right?

Images: Lena C.Ermey

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Kayt JonesKayt Jones
To classify this editorial as a „surprising move“ would mean pushing things quite a bit (and into the wrong direction). All signs of evidence are present: a lot of white and muted colours, simple styling and an overall clean-approach, beautiful tailoring and contrasting materials. But who needs surprises if the result is as gorgeous as these pictures?

Images: Kayt Jones

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Ryan Michael Kelly
Just when you thought that this place is deserted…
In all honesty: I wouldn’t blame you if you were this close to drop me a line and say that I „shouldn’t have bothered really and create this blog, a napkin would have suited your purpose perfectly well“. In some way your word would have carried more truth than you would probably think. Because even under pressure, even at gun point, I would have barely made it and scribbled down a few words. Not that they would have made sense anyway. The thing is that I had company. Not the good kind of company. Hello summer flu!
This „thing“ is a paradox in itself. It shouldn’t exist. And yet, it does exist. I am not going into details here. I am just going to say that being in a delirium for a week while the most beautiful weather is laughing straight in your face is pure torture.
Now I come slowly back to my senses and start to feel like a human being. Sitting here on a balmy summer night, all windows open, being lucid and putting words together (in a coherent way!) makes me kind of happy. Even the fact that my neighbor has brought out his precious 90s CD collection and celebrates a Goerge Michael & Phil Collins revival, well, even that doesn’t make me flinch at all. This is what recovery does to you. And the meds.
In spite of the bleak appearance of this post, it  is much more of a big-sigh-and-rolling-up-my-sleeves-kind-of-spirit.

I raise my water glass to you and your patiency and I truly hope that you are spending a splenid summer. Here is to more posts in the next days…

Image: Ryan Michael Kelly

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Josh Olins
Now, that’s what I call an unusual colour combination (and choice of footwear). I always enjoy an editorial which surprises me and this one was definitely successful in doing this.

Image: Josh Olins

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It has been a while since an editorial (shot) caught my attention. Today David Bellemere did just that thanks to a stunning colour combination (and I’m not only referring to the wavy locks here). Most probably this is not going to end up in your „hair cut inspiration“ folder, but I’m quite sure that it is going to be filed right next to it.

Image: David Bellemere

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Amy TroostLove the mix of casual and formal wear in this picture…

Image: Amy Troost (originally not black and white)

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