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repossicelineA few minutes ago I assumed that this post is going to be nothing more than a little portrait of Gaia Repossi and her homonymous jewellery brand. Which would have been totally fine since there is a lot to be said about the creative director and her take on a craftsmanship which is shaped by hundreds of years of tradition. However, when I started to write about my first encounter with Gaia Repossi (Garance Doré) and to mention all the different kind of sources that have featured her (e.g. The Gentlewoman and The Coveteur) a question popped into my mind and got me distracted.

Is a strong link between a fashion brand and the creative head behind it nowadays de rigeur?

The possibilities of shaping one’s image can certainly be classified as countless, many of them venturing quite far from the classic interview. Think Karl Lagerfeld and Tom Ford who have opened the doors to their lives and ateliers in a documentary. Think Michael Kors enjoying his high chair and judging role in Project Runway. And think Russian designers Vika Gazinskaya and Ulyana Sergeenko who make smartly use of the current street style craze. Renouncing all forms of publicity and cultivating a certain kind of mystery seems more than ever a curiosity. Couturier Azzedine Alaïa is one of the rare fashion personalities who renounces the spotlight and opts for something different. His minimalist philosophy extends from his designs over the number of collections to his PR strategy. A demeanour like this seems probably like a luxury to a lot of marketing executives, a luxury which one cannot afford these days when personalities have become a fixed currency. And yet, one should not forget that secrecy, this particular luxury, is something that we are all attracted to.

Images: Jak & Jil and  Interview Magazine

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If the time to recuperate from last week is in any way an indication of its intensity, then let me just say that a lot of catching up on sleeping was done this weekend. I guess that preparing a tradeshow in a last-minute-kind-of-way will does that to you and the moment everything is over, the amount of relief and contentment hits you: somehow everything worked out fine. Even the little details, or at least some of them. I think that the part I enjoyed the most (beside the lovely dinners and parties) was to meet a lot of interesting people and also to learn a few things here and there. By now I am quite an expert when it comes to building materials which don’t damage historic buildings. Who would have thought that…

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houseofcards_0000s_0008_Layer 22 houseofcards_0000s_0003_Layer 29houseofcards_0000s_0005_Layer 27 houseofcards_0000s_0011_Layer 11houseofcards_0000s_0006_Layer 26houseofcards_0000s_0004_Layer 28  houseofcards_0000s_0002_Layer 30
It has been quite a while since I talked about a series or a movie on this blog. Such a pity though since there is so much to talk about, right? The plots, the actors, the styling, the interiors…there are many, many things worth mentioning. Think The Talented Mr Ripley, Brideshead Revisited, The Godfather or Atonement. Today I would like to start sharing some of my favourites and I really hope that you are going to enjoy this new section on Definitely Golden.

Our starting point: House of Cards. Netflix did a smart move and released all 13 episodes of the political drama at once. This fact alone caused quite a stir and yet, it was not the only one. David Fincher who is known for movies such as Fight Club and The Social Network produced the pilot and with that, ventured the first time into television territory. The same goes for Kevin Spacey. He and Robin Wright are bringing Francis and Claire Underwood to life, the central couple of the series. Their all-consuming jobs (he is a congressman, she is a charity runner) define their relationship in a troubling way. It would be probably exaggerated to say that House of Cards painted the first truthful picture of a couple. But, there is surely a lot more depth and truth in their behaviour and feelings than what we are normally used to see.
So yes, the acting alone is brilliant and reason enough to give this series a go. And yet, there is more. The interiors, from the utterly perfect apartment to the most shabby one. The wardrobe of the characters, from the well cut suits to the beautifully tailored dresses. Everything has been chosen with a lot of care and attention to detail and leads to a special atmosphere which brushes slightly the dark and at the same time touches at the most luxurious.

Needless to say that I’m awaiting the next season with bated breath.

Images: House of Cards 

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