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Note to self: bake banana bread this weekend. If the heat wave doesn’t strike once again that is. And who is the best person to turn to when it is about finding the perfect recipe? I would suggest someone who has gone through a banana bread addiction. Molly Winzenberg from Orangette. Now, this sounds maybe like a harsh thing to say or like a complete exaggeration. And yet, I quote:

„Clearly, I have a problem. If my count is correct, this is the sixth, SIXTH, banana bread and/or cake recipe that I have written about here. Is there some sort of treatment facility for this? A Betty Ford Center for Banana Bread Dependency? I try to stop myself, but I am weak. So weak.“

I don’t think that there are more words necessary to convince you that you need banana bread in your life. And the perfect recipe can be found here.

Image: simply breakfast

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photisserie_5 photisserie_2
One can’t say enough good things about Kathreinerle’s blog photisserie: great food styling  combined with amazing photography skills. And if you feel just like me about mint flavoured water than you will be probably tempted to take a look at her mint and lime lemonde recipe.

Images: photisserie

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Jakob NylundJakob Nylund
Finally, my friends. Spring is here and it seems as though for good. I think I should excuse myself in advance if all the next posts are going to be very much spring related. I’m sorry! Just in case.

The days are getting longer. The temperatures are rising. This can only mean two things: a final goodbye to the winter coat and hello to a lot of get-togethers with friends on the balcony. With that in mind three things wandered into the basket during a little shopping stint:


(1) Whiskey: The Glenrothes (2) Chocolate: Original beans  (3) Vinegar: à l’olivier

(3) Fruity vinegar. Because it makes the salad oh-so-good, you almost forget about the rest of the food on the table. (1) Single Malt Whiskey. Something to savour in good company. (2) Dark chocolate. Just in case someone asks for dessert.

 Images: (1) and (2) Jakob Nylund, (3) composition created by Definitely Golden

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