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Remember how people always say that you have to see things from a different perspective? And how hard it is to suppress a deep sigh and not to give them THE look? Now, maybe they are onto something. At least in this particular case. If I don’t have any time on my hands and I twist my hair up without any effort and attention whatsoever, the result would be very close to the one shown above. The created effect could only be described by me with something close to „nah!“. Let me throw a glance at the picture above however and you will see me saying things like „look“ and all of a sudden I will break into an ode to the oh-so-appealing careless approach. Everything is a matter of perspective, right?

Image: fashnchips

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PijbHLia Melia
It is nice to throw a few pictures together and see how they interact. That is after all how this blog started out initially. A few relaunches and a Tumblr site later, I still enjoy playing around visually. Especially when the outcome is as gorgeous as above.

Images: (1) unknown (2) Lia Melia

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Quite a few great collections were showcased on the Parisian runway and I would like to share a few of my favourite looks during the next few days. A label that caught my attention quite unexpectedly was Chloé. There was elegance and there was toughness. There were bare faces and high boots. There was an edge (piercings!) to an otherwise polished look. Usually those exact words would be found written below another designer’s work. In other words: this season feels tremendously influenced by a Céline kind point of view. More proof to come…


Images: Chloé fall 2013 []

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This week I have a little task ahead of me: bringing some order into my images. When flipping through the folder, I came across those two pictures and I was thinking, once again, how unbelievably close they are colourwise. Isn’t it striking?

Images: (1) unknown (2) Paul Ocatvious

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