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This post is everything but a review. At least for  the moment. I couldn’t say a single word about the performance of these products, since I didn’t get my hands on any of these. Yet. What I can say with certainty, however, is that I AM the kind of person who falls for THIS KIND of packaging. So simple. So good. No wonder then, that I couldn’t resist paying Aesop a visit during my stay in Paris. Something that I really loved was that the shop itself matched the design of the products beautifully and created a unique experience. Although no product did end up in my shopping basket, the lovely lady at the counter provided me with some samples. All in all it becomes fairly easy to understand why people go a little bit crazy for this particular brand.

Something that I have to point out in the end of this post would be the absolutely gorgeous illustration above which has been created by Aline Caron from My Little Fabric.


Images: (1) My Little Fabric (2) and (3) & Other Stories

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Hedi Slimane
Sometimes making a few changes does not only seem like a good idea, it seems like a necessity. As 2012 came to an end, that was how we felt when it came to our appartment. And since we don’t like to do things halfheartedly, more and more ideas came up and we started right away with some executions. Part of the plan is to get rid of all the stuff that had gathered over the time and that we don’t really need (anymore). Weird as it is, I don’t really bother. There is a part of me who finds it quite satisfying to get rid of things and making space for…space. In that spirit I went through the big piles of magazines which have gathered over an unacceptable amount of time. Luckily I could part easily with a good amount of them since I couldn’t see myself flicking through them one more time. Those which stayed, in turn, are true keepers which I will see myself come back to over and over again in the future. Anyway, in the middle of the sifting process I came upon this beautiful black and white shot of Lara Stone. The magazine: Vogue Paris, 2009. The man behind the lens: Hedi Slimane. I remember how much I liked it the first time I turned the page and how it ended up to be part of my illustration portfolio (if you are curious the see the result, just hit the Read More button). Needless to say that my opinion hasn’t changed a bit.

Happy weekend everyone!

Image: Hedi Slimane Illustration: Definitely Golden

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