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It has been quite a while since I talked about a series or a movie on this blog. Such a pity though since there is so much to talk about, right? The plots, the actors, the styling, the interiors…there are many, many things worth mentioning. Think The Talented Mr Ripley, Brideshead Revisited, The Godfather or Atonement. Today I would like to start sharing some of my favourites and I really hope that you are going to enjoy this new section on Definitely Golden.

Our starting point: House of Cards. Netflix did a smart move and released all 13 episodes of the political drama at once. This fact alone caused quite a stir and yet, it was not the only one. David Fincher who is known for movies such as Fight Club and The Social Network produced the pilot and with that, ventured the first time into television territory. The same goes for Kevin Spacey. He and Robin Wright are bringing Francis and Claire Underwood to life, the central couple of the series. Their all-consuming jobs (he is a congressman, she is a charity runner) define their relationship in a troubling way. It would be probably exaggerated to say that House of Cards painted the first truthful picture of a couple. But, there is surely a lot more depth and truth in their behaviour and feelings than what we are normally used to see.
So yes, the acting alone is brilliant and reason enough to give this series a go. And yet, there is more. The interiors, from the utterly perfect apartment to the most shabby one. The wardrobe of the characters, from the well cut suits to the beautifully tailored dresses. Everything has been chosen with a lot of care and attention to detail and leads to a special atmosphere which brushes slightly the dark and at the same time touches at the most luxurious.

Needless to say that I’m awaiting the next season with bated breath.

Images: House of Cards 

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Lovely LifeLovely Life
Although this bedroom is not especially big, it looks all the more cozy. Love how the bed is positioned in front of a window, the all-white look and well, basically all the pieces of decoration (the lamps! the shelves!). Patric Öhlund has created a truly wonderful home and if you want to see more, head over here.

Images: Lovely Life

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Alice Gao
Yes, I’m very much tempted to buy some dark paint. And yes, preferably with a bluish undertone. There I said it. I think there is no turning back now…

Image: Alice Gao

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This is my idea of a perfect sideboard. It doesn’t get any simpler than that and this is exactly why I like it so much. Definitely on my list from now on…

Image: Vosgesparis

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A little gem from the interior photography: a hall in the Palace of Venaria captured by Massimo Listri.

Image: Massimo Listri

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A few things during the weekend should be obligatory like a lot of sleep, really good coffee and beautiful weather. Unfortunately we can hardly have any influence on the latter, but happily the first two are pretty feasible. So let’s strike the last one out, replacing it with something else. That something else would be, at least in my case, flowers.

About half a year ago, our apartment started to be filled with a few little (and not so little) bouquets of flowers on an almost weekly basis. Each and every corner transformed  itself in a blink of an eye and the effort was comparatively small. Somehow some kind of routine set in and we found ourselves more and more often in front of the little flower shop. As it happens with routines (at least with the good ones), we got used to that little extra in our surrounding. When not around, there was something missing. It must be said, that there are no plants in any of the rooms to tide us over that fact (and that for many reasons or three to be exact, I will come to that in another post). A next visit was inevitable.
Now, buying or receiving flowers is hardly a ground breaking invention, I decided to rave about. What I’m aiming after here, is to tell you that the time factor is really crucial. There is a huge difference between having flowers around „from time to time“ and „regularly“. Buying flowers week after week means exploring all the different possibilities which come in form of shapes and colours. And all those possibilities give a lot of room for change when it comes to the atmosphere of any room.

Who could resist that?

Image: Kinfolk

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There are so many things to like about the movie The King’s Speech: the story, the actors, the set design…The set design. If a wall is stuck in your mind, that has to mean something, right? And it’s not because Colin Firth spends a huge amount of time in front of it. Maybe quite some time, but definitely not the whole movie. So it really is the nature of this wall that makes it unforgettable. It has seen a lot of different wallpapers, probably even paint colours as well, and the plastering has slowly, but determinedly chipped away. When you put it in words, it doesn’t sound like something one would wish for. When you see it with your own eyes, though, it is everything one could possibly want.

Image: The King’s Speech

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