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Karim Sadli and unknown
Just a quick post to wrap up the weekend and it just seems right to throw in some black and white action.

Images: (1) Karim Sadli (2) unknown

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I’m going to get right into the middle of things. I never went for a short cut. Not even once. Not even a little. A lot of small and slightly important changes happened over the years. However I never toyed with the idea of really going for a pixie style kind of thing. I do think that it suits some women fantastically. But I also think that it is not my cup of tea when it comes to my hair cut decisions.
There are certainly a lot of reasons which speak against or in favour of a long mane. One of the things I do like a lot are the options that come with it…and well, who doesn’t like options? That being said when I say „options“ I do not mean complicated hairdos which require half an hour, a packet full of hairpins and a ton of hairspray. What I do mean by „options“ is far simpler than that. Think hair parted in the middle and some subtle waves. Outrageously simple to achieve. I’m not going to complain about that…

Image: unknown

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