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Nick Dorey
Two sunny days are enough to let me believe that spring has arrived. Even though that might be not quite the truth, I indulge in this little fantasy of mine. That fantasy doesn’t include heavy boots and woolly coats, so it makes sense to take a little break from the usual fashion week recaps. Instead I put an image by Nick Dorey on offer (you can find another picture from the editorial here) and hope that you find, just like me, that it captures the beauty of those first balmy days.

Image: Nick Dorey

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Ann Street Studio
There are some pieces you may or you may not remember. And then there are pieces you probably will never fail to recognize. They will even make you think about the complete collection and what it meant design wise at the moment of its presentation. Everyone of us would probably pinpoint different looks simply because taste is very subjective and therefore there is a certain kind of variety in what stays on your mind and what doesn’t. Some designers happen to make an exception, though: the collection they send down the runway gets ultimately everyone’s attention. Raf Simons achieved nothing less than that with his Jil Sander spring 2011 collection.

Image: Ann Street Studio

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So this is what a comeback looks like. Clear lines. Round shapes. Impeccable tailoring. A colour palette restricted to navy, burgundy and beige, completed by the classics, black and white and punctuated by a vibrant red.
Jil Sander returned to the label she founded in 1973 and delivered what she was always known for: purism. The collection included white shirts, A-line skirts and coats with a loose fit. But it was this all so plain dress with three-quarter-length sleeves that caught my attention. Although it has to be said that for me, the look hasn’t really the light appeal that belongs to the spring season. The colour and the fabric of this dress let me not think about those first balmy evenings, and so do not the shoes. Especially the shoes. One can easily picture a cloudy sky and the first raindrops hitting the pavement. Some buyers voiced their worries about exactly this fact, but in the end it didn’t really matter. One had seen that Jil Sander was still able to satisfy the hunger for everything minimalistic and one was waiting for more.

Image: Jil Sander spring 2013

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