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I don’t know where you currently are, my dear reader, but I can tell you that the weather here is terrible. Like in „Can we please, please, please switch from rainy to…not rainy?“ terrible. It is so dark and gloomy outside that you barely notice the time of day. Let me telly you it gets confusing when you don’t know if you are supposed to get up or if there is plenty of time to get a good dose of sleep. Okay, maybe I’m slightly over dramatising here, but you get idea: I’m craving some sunlight. That is why I instantly fell for this beautiful picture by Jenny which she shot in Hawaii. I hope you have spent a wonderful weekend nonetheless and be assured that with that post the little weather chit-chat is covered for a while. Good Monday everyone!

Image: Aubrey Road

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Today is a beautiful landscape kind of day. The roughness of this place, the colours…everything is just right about this shot.

Image: Hannah Davis

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I’m not quite sure why I find this place so attractive. I guess mostly because of its roughness due to the immediacy of nature. I also love that there is nothing polished about this shot, so somehow it seems very real and tangible.

Image: Unkown

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