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This was not planned, but apparently this week is all about dresses. I think that I just might pick a whole different topic for next post, but I thought that this beauty is definitely worth sharing. What I love most about that dress is pretty simple to explain: I don’t have the feeling to have seen it already like a hundred and ten times. Although maybe I should point out here that never-seen-before does not necessarily equal wow-this-is-outstanding. Sometimes a look or a garment can be very different from what we are used to see and sometimes we can not stop ourselves from thinking that it probably should have stayed that way. In this case, quite the contrary crossed my mind. (Did I mention that this picture is part of an editorial published in the gentlewoman? No? I should have because those ones never disappoint me.)
As you can read above its creator is no other than Nicolas Ghesquière, who is no longer designing for Balenciaga from this month on. Fifteen years as a head designer for a label seems like an eternity and almost utopian when you take into consideration that the game of musical chairs is reigning today’s  fashion industry. Just like everybody else, I’m curious to see what he is about to do next.

Image: Karim Sadli

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