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Absolutely in love with this editorial from the September issue of Costume Magazine. At the first glance it really seems like nothing special: blue jeans, a chunky sweater and camel coat. Didn’t we see this combo a thousand times before? The rolled-up cuffs and the leisurely over the shoulders thrown coat are not any different. And yet. I do love these three classic pieces and it seems to me that the picture above contains my idea of the perfect version of these exact items. The perfect shade of blue and the perfect wash. The perfect shade of cream and the perfect knit. The perfect shade of camel and the perfect cut. On top of that I do love to see these wardrobe staples together. The styling is the cherry on top, cap and vans included. Now just add two ridiculesly good looking coats (see below) to the editorial equation and there you go: a few pictures worth a post.


Images: Daniel Stenild

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Over the last months it has become impossible to avoid Cara Delevigne. Magazine Covers. Editorials. Campaigns. Runways. There is not a single space in fashion she didn’t conquer. Hardly any other person would be a better fit with the newest issue of the Industrie magazine dedicated to the subject of Influence.

Images: Allasdair McLellan 

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The last time I paid a visit to my favourite magazine shop, this Lula cover caught my attention and so I thought that it would be worth sharing. What makes it so special is not the newness of the subject (a woman), the subject’s pose (the classic thinker) or a particularly interesting angle from which the subject was shot (the front). What I found special though, is the colour combination. All those pastel colours could easily flip onto the side of  „tacky“ or „too much“. Nobody wants to look at a picture and feel like he’s walking out of a candy shop with an overdose. But luckily, that effect has been masterfully avoided and we just end up mesmerized. I assume that part of the master plan is the styling: big hair, winged eyeliner, pink lips. All those things are both perfect and perfectly fitting.

Image: Damon Heath

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