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Kayt JonesKayt Jones
To classify this editorial as a „surprising move“ would mean pushing things quite a bit (and into the wrong direction). All signs of evidence are present: a lot of white and muted colours, simple styling and an overall clean-approach, beautiful tailoring and contrasting materials. But who needs surprises if the result is as gorgeous as these pictures?

Images: Kayt Jones

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Most of the time we can pretty easily determine if we like a picture or if we don’t. We can scroll through thousands of images and nothing more than a glance is necessary to know which one is worth saving or not. Yet there are exceptions to the rule: we come across the picture and we are not that sure what to make out of it. Somehow looking at that picture evokes mixed feelings. Then, one day, you realize that after many second glances, it has grown on you. It is perfect, just as it is and maybe it even counts among your favourites.

Experiences like this come down to two things: time and our visual perception. Since the relaunch more and more thoughts have crossed my mind about our taste and its ability to develop. That certainly not applies exclusively to pictures, but to everything visual. From the interior of your home to the fashion items you wear or covet. An interesting subject which makes for a nice topic on this blog, don’t you think?

Finally maybe a word or two concerning the shot above whose author is no other than Paolo Roversi. There is no second picture which ressembles this one in my little collection (and when I say little, I’m really kidding myself). Event though it doesn’t even come close to a joyous colour explosion and you are not going to find a happy assembly of rainbows, flowers and unicorns, this shot stands out from the rest. It is particularly gloomy and maybe a word like „bizarre“ could be attached to it. Yet it is also really intriguing. The toned down colours. The dark wooden floorboards. The silk tights drawn over the unfastened shoes and the gesture which lies behind it, evokes nothing that you see on a regular basis. And that is exactly the point. Although it doesn’t hurt that we deal here with a splendid pair of Miu Mius which are really an eye candy in itself, it is mainly the unusual which draws our attention to the picture. And this is when we know that it deserves a second glance.

Image: Paolo Roversi 

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