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To throw in the word „trend“ at some point in a conversation or an article is maybe mostly common in the fashion field. The word comes with a heavy connotation  a lot of baggage. Some people use the term reverently, some people do the contrary. Of one thing one can be sure, though: it will not relinquish its place of one of the most frequently used words when it comes to garments, fabrics and cuts.
Yet, as we know, trends can be observed pretty much everywhere. When you take a look at the blogosphere and website landscape, for example, you most certainly are going to notice a few elements which pop up repeatedly. Those elements are used either in the exactly same manner or they have been pushed a little or a lot further. If you will, they are a testimony of a certain taste which has developed over time, a certain visual preference which is shared by more and more people. A few years ago, for example, there were two materials which were very much beloved when it came the choice of the background: wood planks and patterned wallpaper. Those ones really got around, so I’m sure you encountered just a I did, many many versions of them. That’s not to say that this is something I think disdainfully of. Sometimes I fall for a certain aesthetic and well, why shouldn’t I? It happens that just after a little while, I’m visually satiated and I can’t see it any longer. But it is not unlikely that this while lasts and I end up liking the idea for quite a long time.
Right now, we can see more and more handwriting ruling the design world. I guess, it is not that hard to know how I feel about that trend. In my opinion, it adds something organic to a lot of straight lines and when done right, it adds a little bit of warmth and a personal note.

Image: @definitelygolden

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