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The state of mind I was in last week has nothing to do with this picture. However, this is going to change from tomorrow on and I will hopefully spend a good amount of time sitting in the jardin du Luxumbourg doing pretty much nothing (except maybe being hooked on the roman I have just purchased). Yes, I am going to visit my much beloved Paris and yes, I am looking very much forward to every single second. The fact that I am able to see my friends  makes me over the moon happy, I really miss them a lot. But before I get all bleary eyed, let me say a quick „Au revoir!“  and let’s meet in a week, okay? And for those of you who want to see what I am up to, visit my Instagram feed and follow me along…

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Alec Soth
During the last fashion week two particular subjects grabbed the attention amidst the fashion crowd…

The first one was an article written by Suzy Menkes. The Circus of Fashion published in the T Magazine (the New York Times Style Magazine) delved into the topic of street style — a phenomenon turned madness.

The second one was a collection created by Hedi Slimane. For 2013 the Saint Laurent look can be described with one word: „grunge“. Indisputably that is quite a surprise — the question is whether it is a good or a bad one.

I already announced at the beginning of last week that the latter would figure amidst the next posts on this blog (and it will be with a slight delay tomorrow). What makes sense, though, is to put everything in context (the context being that two topics were the talk of the town last fashion week, Hedi being „just“ one of them). So, this is a heads up: both topics are going to figure on this blog next week and I hope you are going to enjoy reading them…

Image: Alec Soth 

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