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The Sartorialist
The title is not sticking a hundred per cent to the truth (after all there is a golden coloured bag peeking from under the coat). But once I have gotten over the fact how lovely this shot was, I couldn’t help myself but focus on the colour combination. Putting an outfit together by mixing red, white and blue means that one runs automatically and very dangerously close to the fine line of becoming an impersonated flag. In this case the danger has been elegantly avoided and yet. I am not quite sure if I will y remain an admirer from afar or an active part of this particular tricolour movement.

Image: The Sartorialist

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There is a lot to be said about the development of street style photography and its current nature. But that is a topic I would like to talk about next week. What I would like to do now, on the other hand, is to point out how stunning this shot is. Taylor Tomasi Hill is known for her very distinctive shade of red hair and that seems to pair all too well with a bright yellow dress. And who would have thought that a green bus passing by could enhance that point even more?


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Autumn is in full swing and with that the official permission to do as much layering as you want to. If we need any permission that is. Different lengths, textures, colours, prints…bring it on! And let’s do not forget all those scarves that we have hidden somewhere deep in our closet.
I was working simultaneously on different things, when I tumbled over this picture on Audrey’s blog and it caught easily my attention. Not only because it lets me think about the way we dress in autumn, but also because its colours are so incredibly well composed. It almost makes you wish for blazingly red hair.

Image: Scotch & Soda 

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