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SaintLaurent_1ysl_1It would be a shame to close The case Saint Laurent without mentioning Hedi’s first addition to the accessory department: a bag (spotted thanks to The Man Repeller). And let’s throw in the most gorgeous pair of sandals for good measure (found on Andy Heart). Now, we can move on.

Images: Saint Laurent 

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This is what I would call „inappropriate“: coveting sandals in den midst of autumn (slash winter). Happily I’m not out of tune that often (yes, I’m trying to console myself). I don’t think myself as a person who leafs through Vogue and dreams of a winter coat just when the heat wave hits the town. Entering a shop and trying on something woolly or fluffy is pretty much unthinkable. So how am I able to explain today’s choice? Let’s agree that this is a slip-up. Can we move on now?


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