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blue shirt
If you are spending a little bit of time on tumblr, you have probably come around this picture already. Maybe even several times. This doesn’t stop me from posting it, though, and I hope you don’t mind. I really love the simplicity of this look and I firmly believe that I am going to feel the exact same way next year (and the year after that).

It also reminds me that my search for the perfect blue shirt wasn’t successful yet. If you have came upon the perfect one, I would love to hear…

Images: (1) unknown (2) glamcanyon

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Ruben VegaRuben VegaRuben Vega
A pair of blue jeans, a white T, a coat, sneakers. There is nothing more you really need apparently. Of course it helps that we are not speaking of an odd coat here, but the Isabel Marant version of an oversized military coat (Fall 2012). But nevertheless: the no fuss attitude of Caroline de Maigret is something I find very refreshing. The pictures above belong to a Vogue Spain „7 days/ 7 looks“ special which you can find here. And if you haven’t seen enough already, you can always check out her profile at the Coveteur or take a look at her tumblr.

Image: Ruben Vega

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