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Last week I spoke about one of the most classic combinations in fashion town, black and white. I immediately had this image in my mind and yes, I already posted in once, back in the days, but I hope that you agree with me: it one of those pictures that deserves a repost. For me, it represents the epitome of elegance.
I think (and I probably always will) that you can never go wrong when your choice fells on black and white. I also think that rolled-up sleeves are a small change, but always have quite an impact which should not be underestimated. It really changes the look completely, since you can switch the degree of formality in about a second. And then there is the matter of gold and silver, mixed up. It is not necessarily a pair which always works well together, but that picture is definitely a hell of a good proof that it can be done. Finally, there are two objects in this picture which serve perfectly well for two posts coming up this week (and since there are not many options, I think you can guess which ones I have in mind). Stay tuned…

Image: Jak & Jil

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